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First week of school successfully completed! Thank god. I managed to wake up every day, even though it was about 4 hours earlier than I'm used to. It's quite possible that this Japanese class will kick my ass harder than all others before it, but we have a totally cute TA who ran us through multiple paces, so at least once I'm done learning, I'll know it well. Sadly I've two classes that, although the professors are trying not to make them horrible, are probably going to be ones I'd like to snore through: American History till 1865 and US Government. Don't the titles just fill you with dread? However, it must be done. And perhaps it won't be too hard to take the tests? That's what I'm hoping.

I had to drive my beloved to the airport today - he's gone a week, back next Saturday. I'm trying to console the kitty, currently, but it's just not the same without him here.

Part of the bad mood is probably because the world around me is dry and filled with dust and pollen, and it's made my entire head swell up like a big blob, despite the judicious use of a claratin. My eyes are cloudy, my throat burns, and after three cups of tea I'm wondering if it's not allergies but a cold. Oh, and my lungs ache. It's making for a fun night at home. Combine a weird cough, ears that sorta throb, plaintive kitty meows, and howling wind, and you get the picture. Also, though, there are simply AWFUL movies on tv, no movies in the house that I haven't watched, and me with not enough energy to go out and get myself some comfort film.

Ha. At least I can indulge in a good whine.
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