my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

crawling through monday...

I made it!  There's something wrong with having to go to class when you've got a hacking cough.  It's probably how I was infected in the first place.  But without a doctor's note, Japanese does not let you MISS a class, and Religion and Ritual finally had its first meeting today, so I suppose it was worth climbing out of bed and trying to pretend I didn't feel fairly miserable.  

I did, however, also bring with me a pocket stuffed with hankies.  Made my first ever purchase of hot water (that cost me the egregious amount of $1.70) at the coffee counter, and stuck my own damn tea bag in to steep.  At least they double-cupped it.  My backpack was filled with books, extra water (something I don't believe in carrying around, on principle, but today, was necessary), and those little vitamin c packets, just in case I could find a place for lunch that had extra spoons and cool water, and a way to mix it all together.

If you've never used Yogi Tea when you're sick, consider getting yourself some - well, if you're into tea that actually tastes like it has body, and does something effective when it says it will.  My personal choice, for all lung-related troubles, is "Breathe Deep" because it does what it says.  At this point it's practically psychosomatic - I get one good whiff and my lungs calm down, going from the 'fighting-to-cough' position to the 'relaxed and ready for air' in moments.  The only problem: it's made with licorice root (no, it doesn't taste like licorice AT ALL - it just makes it a little sweet), and that, after 20 cups or so, makes my stomach a bit upset.

Ye gods I love being sick.  4 more days till Neil gets home.


In more fun news, (or Public Service Warning, take your pick), NEVER go to Whole Foods on an empty stomach.  My little tradition when Neil is gone is to head up there and buy weird veggies he won't eat, and some slightly luxurious foodstuffs just to delight me.  This time I think I went overboard.  I now have hand-made vanilla flavored marshmallows... and entire container full.  They just ... looked GOOD, dammit!  I couldn't resist.  But, just in case you think I was being completely frivolous, I also found some of the thinnest asparagus spears (yummy), beautiful mixed fruit (raspberries, mango, blackberries, and strawberries), a lovely little artichoke, home made pesto, fresh tapanade, fresh baked challah, a loaf of rosemary garlic bread, and ginger/carrot soup.  Oh, and another box of Yogi Tea's Breathe Deep.  My tummy will be happy.

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