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corndogs are tasty, the kitty is cute, and neil's sock has a hole in it

(this journal entry brought to you by the whimsical suggestion Neil thought I really wouldn’t take)

Somehow I don't think corndogs count as real food.  Nutritionally speaking, there seem to be a lot of negatives - dough around the outside, mishmash meat in synthetic casing on the inside.  Does it count that I also ate half an apple along with?  We just didn't feel like dealing with leftovers, or the machinations of dinner preparation at 9:30 at night.  So corndogs it was.  And they are quite yum.

The cat continues to be unspeakably adorable, despite her continued predilection for heading outside to chomp some grass and then regurgitate it on the carpet once she's back inside.  Nothing we do seems to help her gain weight, although she now gets wet food once a day, dry food the entire day, and vitamin supplement every couple of days.  Regardless, we're at her beck and call, and she sleeps with her head cupped in Neil's hand, now that he's back at home.

Speaking of that, the boy returns!  I'm envious of his visits with friends, jealous of his time in LA, and covet his haircut (just because I really want one too, and he went to Atilla, the man, while he was in LA).  Yet, I still missed him terribly, felt like I had a hole cut in my day when I didn't get to talk to him, and feel like the missing pieces of life are here now that he's back. 

in other little scribbles...
I have 10 or so wallpapers for my winter_of_wes day that I want to publish right now.  I'm not used to this whole 'waiting' concept.  However, my day is Thursday, so I think I can hang on until then.  I've been horrible at keeping up with lj, but am going to try to make a dent in everything tonight.  I've been quite good with the studying, but have more to do now, so... a-studying I will go!  And I suppose that's all there is to speak of, for the moment.

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