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throughout the day I think of these great entires - meditations on life, the universe, everything.  What do I end up with by the time I sit down at night?  This:

+ I grinned from ear to ear today - and I know why.  I'm happy.  School, home, friends, life, music, love ... everything is just good.  Despite my grousing and grouching, my whining and complaining, the world rocks.

+ Gotta savor this happy time, because soon all of this lovely peaceful fun is going down the drain.  I have 4 tests (in 4 classes) in the same week.  SAME WEEK.  And the Japanese classes actually test us twice:  oral & written exams.  ROCK.  Oh, and the week I'm doing all the tests?  The weekend before is our housewarming party.

+ We're finally having a housewarming party!  Since we've been here for 2 months, I think it's well beyond time.  Mojitos, here we come!  White russians, I will boycott you this time.

+ Neil's parents arrive on Saturday... so I've got to get all my lazy tendencies out now... or all my studying done in advance?  Something like that.  They're staying at our house for the first time EVER in the 11 years we've dated.  This will be an experience... and I know, I sound pessimistic.  I'm starting with a bad attitude so I can be pleasantly surprised when it all goes well.  Yep, that's really it.  It should be interesting since they want to help Neil putter around the house and *do* things here.  Oh, and they're willing to buy us furniture!  That makes them fabulous.

+ My little VD art project (to make wallpapers of my favorite pairings) is cut down to a snail's pace, but I'll be posting 2 Tara backgrounds soon... I don't know if I'll even GET to my favorite characters by VD since I'm going alpha order by actor! 

+ Our house is getting brushed into shape for the parental visit.  I rediscovered how much I hate cleaning the bathtub.  I really hate cleaning two.  But at least it's done now.  And I told Neil that we have to stay out of the bathrooms until his parents arrive so they don't get dirty.
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