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Couple of couches, some chairs, all the students with books and no desks. Give me that every single day and I'd eat it like it was ambrosia. Caffeine-fuelled suppositions, arguments held not with chalkboard and chalk but with words tossed out over the sound of the alt-college-rock radio that's on in the background. The smell of fresh baked goods isn't quite distracting enough to make us loose our points or forget to stick to our guns, but the lure of it cuts through the extraneous debate, makes us sharper, quicker, hungrier. This is what it means to be in college. This argument over coffee, this collection of brains and smiles and *words*. Every day. I want it every day.

So don't give me spring break. Don't make me take time away from this. Don't send me out for a week, a week where my brain takes a vacation from challenge and my tongue gets thicker. Not when I've found it again.

It's been so long since I've had one of those things that I have no idea what to do with it. We're stopping classes? What? I'm confused!

Not that I can't use it, since my attention span for the classes I don't like is dwindling down to the size of a small pea. It's been awfully hard to muster the enthusiasm for linguistics I had in the beginning. I've had trouble remembering the justification, the link with my own private set of theory. And you'd think that a class called "The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence" would be fascinating, but the sunlight outside calls to me more than the darkened interior and the professor's droning voice, no matter how cool planets and the origins of life are. Especially when that dark interior looses shuts the brain down, makes the pulse slow, convinces me that I'm not missing anything and that I should sleep, like everyone else around me. What's the use in class if it puts me to sleep?

So I guess I'm ready. Ready to take a week off, to regroup, to do mindless things, enjoy the sun, dally in the backyard. I've got seeds to plant and a garden to tend. I've got research to do, so even when I'm off I really won't be that far away. Besides, it's time to clean house too - something we haven't really done since we moved in. Not top to bottom, at least.

It's just that, well, I wish I could still get together in the cafe. I don't want to give up my three weekly mornings of books and theory. Not even for a week.
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