my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

my eyes! my eyes!

last night I felt a little tich in my eye.  The kind where you figure you've gotten a bit of sleep-goo, or maybe a cat hair (those that are invisible to normal sight, but still hurt anyway).  I went to sleep, assuming that my eye would rinse itself out and I'd be fine in the morning.After tumultuous dreams of missing tests, I woke to find that the niggling little scritchy feeling was still there.

Next I did something no one should ever do:  I put my contacts in and proceeded with my day.

Yes, I know, monumentally stupid.  No excuses like 'zero caffeine' or 'i don't actually have a working pair of glasses' really work to expunge my insanity.  I know this.  I really do.  But dammit, I didn't want to miss Japanese.

not because I'm a good student or anything, but because if we miss even a single day (even with a doctors note) we will not get 2% added on to our total grade at the end of the semester. And since I'm now grade-mad -- and since my summer semester that's what vaulted me from a B to an A -- I didn't want to screw it up)

Needless to say, on the way to school, my friendly little scritch turned into a small knitting needle that seemed to be attached to my lid - and every time I blinked, it scratched.

After an hour wait in the 'emergency care' waiting room of student health services (whose seats smelled like a combination of dirty college student, sick/vomit, and that weird antibacterial cleanser that you know just doesn't kill as many things as they say it will), I was seated in a patient room.

I greeted the ever-present white walls, sat on the paper-covered patient bed, and tried to behave myself.  But my usual patience was worn completely thin because I couldn't read.  That's the only way I make it through the interminable wait at any doctors office with good humor.  I bring a book I give a shit about, and I read the damn thing.  But with my right eye in searing pain at this point I was totally unwilling to blink any more than I had to.  Instead I fidigeted, for an hour and a half, on the uncomfortable patient bed, and tried not to look at the walls or the charts or anything else.  Because reading just made both eyeballs twitch back and forth, and that simply didn't feel good.

After hour 1, I thought I'd check to make sure they hadn't forgotten me - ducking my head out the door and peering around, only to see that yes, the little green light on my door was still flashing (isn't that ubiqutious for 'enter here' in all doctors offices?).  Apparantly the nurse saw me and came over to tell me that someone was coming, soon, really.

Soon turned out to be half an hour later, and 15 minutes after that I was out the door, with my cornea scratched, my contacts forbidden for the week, and my antibiotic prescription for eyedrops in my hand. 

Since I can't see 10 inches in front of my face without my contacts, Neil (my knight in shiny armor) came to pick me up, whooshed me to Lens Crafters, and $280 later I'm the proud owner of new glasses, and a slightly scritchy eye I have to medicate every 3 hours.  I'm an idiot.  Believe me, I'm paying for it.

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