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- thanks everybody, who sympathized with my less than fun eye pain.  I'm now mostly back to normal, except for some drops I have to administer every 3 hours - to ensure I don't get pink eye (and probably to keep those pesky aliens away or something)

- Japanese test results:  Oral Exam = 85% (massive YAY).  Written Exam = 73% (slightly more somber yay).  I'm counting the entire business as a win, because Japanese is not an easy language, and a 73% is a damn good score. 

- However, Sufism & Islamic Mysticisms test results:  51... out of 100.  Yep, I about died too.  I thought I'd done badly, but not *that* badly.  There will be much studying of Sufism in my future.  Cancel spring break and call it 'read and flashcard until I drop' instead. 

- still waiting for the results from American History and Government (one of which might get returned tomorrow).  I should have done significantly better on both of those, since they actually required interpretation instead of just regurgitation.

- I have read the new Anita Blake novellette (or whatever I'm supposed to call it) and am... less than impressed.  It read more like repetative fanfic than anything else. 

Does the woman really have to repeat the SAME EXACT LINES over and over?  Really cheezy ones too, like "he got that look in his eyes that a man gets when he knows he's sure of you." GAH!  I don't  think that look exists except in her head, and she's used it in EVERY sex scene in both the Anita & Merry Series.  Also, if this was meant to 'flesh out' Micah as a character, could she have at least given us more than a couple of paragraphs devoted to him?  I felt like the story went just like this: 
a. plane!fear YUK
b. sexist comments from the FBI guy ARG
c. committment!fear GAH
d. micah, who's he?
e. MORE committment!fear GAH
f. teh SEX (which I actually *skipped* this time)
g. sex!blood!non-angst WHA?
h. zombie raising!fear WHOOPS
i. oh, I'm hurt, ok, back in the hospital, safe and sound with two boyfriends again.

I will NOT buy the next one.  OH NO.  The pregnancy thing alone made me want to hurl, but if she's gotten this repetative (seriously, could the woman use a different set of phrases to describe how anita feels safe and a huge connection with Micah?  Because I'm reading the same thing I read in the first book he was in.  Now it's just stale as year-old-bread)

Actually, qualification:  more like repetative bad!fic.  I am terribly pleased I was not the one who paid for it, becuase I would seriously consider asking for my money back.

- now that i've got that rant out of my system... um, i'm boring and lame because those are the only things I have to talk about.  ha.

- oh, one more!  My boyfriend is cute and my cat is the cutest.  That works.

eta - one more thing! In a complete and utter waste of time last night I decided to add graphics to my profile. HAHA time management gurus! I defy you with my piffing away of time!
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