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perfect love

There's something deeply rapturous about a scent - when you find the right one.  When you wrap yourself in a smell that makes you feel sexy, warm, and slightly intoxicated, you know it's doing what perfume is supposed to.  That's how I feel right now - post shower, scrubbed clean and soft, moisturized with lotion that smells so delightful it makes me want to purr. 

And I owe it all to Miranda, because she brought it to me.  Perfect Love.  Best birthday present (well, besides her and Hawk's physical presence in Texas FOR my birthday) ever.

Ha.  Japanese was agonizing because instead of our adorable and perky TA we had our task-mistress of a teacher and a kanji quiz.  I truly love kanji, but I hate kanji quizzes.  And we now have to come up with an interesting story to tell in Japanese (first draft due after Spring break).  I'm trying to imagine an interesting story, but sadly, I think I'm going to have to make one up.  Or perhaps go out and do something intentionally so I can tell the story?  We'll see.

I'm clawing my way to Friday - just TWO more days to go, and then I'm finally on Spring Break.  Finally.  I've been waiting for this since I realized it was coming up a couple of weeks ago.  Actually, I think I might've needed it since the 5 tests in one week week.  That was hellish.  Someday I'll recover and quit complaining.

Brad & Dar are coming out for the last couple of days of Spring Break, speaking of that, for South By Southwest.  They arrive Thursday, depart Monday (I think) and apparantly Brad is going to get us into one of the showcases being run by someone who he knows who works for a lable (lol, yes, he knows a guy who probably knows a guy - gotta love the music industry).  Should be quite the interesting time!  And I'm so glad we are actually going to go see music this time.  Left to our own devices last year we got crowd phobic and stayed home.  But it's one of those big events that sets the entire city buzzing, so we simultaneously felt relieved and left out (or at least, I did) when we skipped it.

So many things to say and I can think of none of them now!  Ah well.  Things are reasonably good, classes are hard, but when are they not, Neil is good, and I am hungry.  So I think I'll go find some dinner.  'Night all.

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