my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

focus on the positive... there is still joy beyond the worry

First things first:
HAPPY BIRTHDAYtx_cronopio!
You are an amazing woman and it is my constant delight to have found a fellow liberal in these here Texas wilds. May this day (and this year) be top filled with joy. Cuz you, lady, merit joy, darnit!

Second things second:
Saturday night we went to our second concert in Austin, to see Matisyahu at Stubb's.  The concert was an absolute blast, and for those of you who think 'hasidic reggae'? what?  if you haven't heard him, you really don't know what you're missing.  Beautiful voice, and his encore was like a gigantic prayer - the best kind, where it's beautiful and moving and delighted all at the same time.  We came home energized and impressed and in love with him and his opening band ... Balkan Beat Box (yes, I know, another weird one)

Third things third:
We finally finished finishing our entertainment center, and spent a couple of hours hooking up the cables and the tv through the whole thing, and now we're offically entertained (or something like that).  The stain we picked is a dead on match for our coffee table, the two coats of poly look lovely, and we even raised the shelf and drilled new holes without major mishap.  Surprisingly we managed to fit 8 components inside along with the TV!  And they all work!  Yay for electronics.  There's even a little room left... which Neil promptly started to think about filling with another game system.  *shudders*

Fourth things fourth:
I'm on spring break!  Sleeping in!  Oh how I missed sleeping in!  I am, however, trying to finish all of my delayed (or ignored) homework before our friends Brad & Dar arrive on Thursday, which kind of belies the whole 'break' aspect.  But sitting on one's couch (or in the Vet's office) reading make a change of pace from my usual sitting on one's couch or in the Union reading.  Right?

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