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Ok, I know, I'm VERY late.  But late is better than never!


March 6 through March 13

Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

And since I missed it, you get an entire week's post all once.

Monday's child:  emeraldswan (or Emmy).  Her Buffy/Mal fic Some Kind of Heaven is one of the best crossovers I've read, and pairs two people so logically together that... it makes sense in the way some of my favorite btvs pairings don't.  Sadly, it's a WIP, so I have to just keep hoping I'll see her post an update soon!  Why does she need more appreciation?  Frankly, because no praise is waisted!  And perhaps it'll encourage her to finish the series?  Try it and see if you got as hooked as I did...

Tuesday's child:  twilightofmagic.  Everything she writes is worth reading.  Not only because it's obvious she *thinks* about characters, their identities, and their reactions, but because she has a kind of deliberate lyricism that I find totally compelling.  Her Giles/Wes is always magnificent, and she did this one Spike/Mal crossover that was so burning hot my eyes felt a bit scortched.  Her most recent work, The Hell Diaries (S/Wes),  raises questions about vampires and religion that I've often wondered about (but never had as much sense or as much talent at hinting at resolutions as she does).  I continually marvel that the fanfiction world contains people who don't shy away from complexities, and Twilightofmagic is one of those people who need to be encouraged to continue to think, and write, about them.

Wednesday's child: tabaqui.  Ok, I know, probably EVERY ONE in the world knows about Tabaqui's writing, and I was a latecomer to her work (just discovering it this year, in fact, from participating in club_joss).  But I adore her Spike and Xander, and cannot get enough of anything she writes.  She's made me fall a little bit in love with Xander, something I never thought I'd do.  But when he's written as well as this, and when he's portrayed as someone who often has trouble finding his way, but still has an inner core of strength (so in character, and yet so often ignored by the fandom world!) it's just lovely.  It doesn't hurt that she's also a fabulous porn writer, and has moments in her prose that strike me as absolutely beautiful.  It's writing like this that makes me envious, and grateful.

Thursday's child:  mireille719.  I'm completely sucked in by this woman's talent at building a drabble.  100 words, it seems to me, is enough to convey just one brief moment, like one breath in a lifetime of breathing.  But Mireille manages to take groups of drabbles and build on them, maintaining the integrity of that one moment, and yet expanding, disarming, compelling, with the next.  And she's finished the process that elizabuffy started (with the help of janedavitt and wesleysgirl's Acts of Nature)... turned me into a G/Xander shipper.  A place I never thought I'd ever dream of going ... yet, when there's writing like Mireille's out there, there's no reason NOT to go there.

Friday's child: bethynyc.  Oh dear, there simply aren't words.  Her writing is simply lovely, her characters are charming, and she has such a delicate touch that I never feel characters are being forced together.  And I gobble up her school!verse as quickly as she can write it, because it's pure yummy delight of AU ness.  When I never thought I'd ever want to read AU, Bethy's made me a convert.  She deserves all the praise that can be heaped upon her.

Saturday's child:  madwomanupthere.  A breath of fresh air in the B/G comm, her fic is absolutely delightful stuff, because she remembers the funny.  So often the B/G relationship gets a bit pedantic, and Madwoman's fics are filled with the silly charm and snark and fun that drew me to the characters on the show in the first place.  Sadly, I'm supposed to have done some beting for her that didn't get as far as I wanted (if you're reading this lady, they are still on my to do list!).  She deserves many kudos for injecting some life, and for putting her voice out, into the community.

Sunday's child:  dutchbuffy2305 (her lj:  db2305) and her Spike/Faith stories His Voice Is Like A Mars Bar, He's the Light In Her Fridge, and He Ate a Decorator Once.  She writes with such hustling and bustling verve, and I think her Faith voice, alternating between wisdom and utter insecurity, is just absolutely dead on.  No matter what, I think Faith has the capacity to be a compelling character, and DutchBuffy sees that potential and writes to it.  And I adore her for writing a pairing I simply don't encounter all that often.  I think the world could do with some more S/F in it.

Ok, that's all folks!  I hope you check some of these authors out - if you do, let me know what you think!
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