my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

On School: Statements of Purpose

Any of you intelligent and lovely people who are (or were) in Masters/Graduate programs (particularly liberal arts) want to share your tips for writing your statement of purpose with me?  Or, if it's not to pushy, do you have a virtual copy you want to let me look at?  I promise that there's NO way we'll have similar ones (since no body but me is ever going to be studying Japanese postmodernism and Cyberpunk)... I just need to get an idea of what one should look like, and the internet has mostly MBA program statements, which do NOT help.

I've got to submit an application for Grad school by May 1st, and I've got half a dozen sentences and I'm beginning to flail.

Anything (advice, do's, dont's, etc) you've got to offer, I'd love to hear. 

*mucho hugs in advance*
Tags: school

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