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the joy of kate's tuesday

Drove to school today in flash flood weather.  I counted the time between lightning and thunder, and only got to 1.  It was mad.  The only other time I've ever been in such a deluge was trying to get across the Highway 17 pass (from San Jose to Santa Cruz) one winter, when the trucks coming the other direction splashed so much water onto my windshield I lost visibility (and the wipers were going full blast, but simply didn't do any good).  It was an insane way to start the day.

But, since I had a traumatic drive into school I gave myself permission to park in the $8 parking close to class (and also justified that I'd forgotten to take the big umbrella, and the little one only covers me, not the backpack), rushed into Japanese, and found out my test results (which were not good, but hey, I expected that). 

Met with my current favorite UT professor for a couple of minutes - talking with him is such a delightful thing because he's smart and theory oriented, and silly at the same time.  He surreptitiously asked me why in the heck I was going to a state school like UT, because I'm smart enough to get into other programs (he really said the smart part.  Ha.  Fie to those who do not believe in my smartness!).  My reply?  Well, it's kind of ... the cheaper option.  Which, frankly, it is.  He relaxed when I told him that I'd think about a Ph.D. program elsewhere.  It was fun.  Oh, and then he asked me why we were meeting, and I said "to ask you to write a letter of rec for me" and he looked at me like I was crazy, because apparently it was already a forgone conclusion that he was writing it.  I like forgone conclusions.  That's 2 out of 3 professors that have felt that way about me.  Gives me confidence that I am doing this right.

Got to have lunch with Miss Yvette and Peter today (along with Joel and Ariel), which was lovely, because I never get to see Yvette outside of our morning 'you must study rapidly for the Japanese quiz' moments. 

Made it through Sufi without the computer crashing, which was great.  Apparently the musical portion of the class has begun because we listened to a Ghazal (a poetic form used by a number of Sufi poets that has a specific rhyming scheme) that was absolutely electric.  Maybe it's because I associate eastern music with belly dancing (because that's what we practiced to), or perhaps it's the emotional content of the song itself, but I felt energized and almost like I wanted to leap up and dance.  That's what happens at these concerts of Sufi music, so perhaps it's the way they construct the music.  All in all totally beautiful.

Umm, studying with Laura was really good, although we didn't get all that much done.  I'm already tired of studying and there's much to be done for next week.  Instead I want to goof around.  Oh, and I took that awful lj quiz, and I have NO idea how to interpret the results.  I think what it says is that I use LJ like a journal.  And that I don't have a huge following nor do I make waves... which is pretty much true.

Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment22%
You've got pals to cheer you up when you're down, but no audience to applaud you... Yet.
Only trendy when it's sufficiently entertaining
Original Content35%
Some stories must be told - and you're the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient3%
Warning: Can Flame When Necessary
Attention Whoring2%
Low-key and lovin' it
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