my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


I wish I could reach through the internet and strangle people. 

the situation is this: I'm taking one of those 300 person American History classes.  We have a test on Monday.  Apparantly the professor is teaching 3 of these classes (so guess roughly around 900 students).  He sent out the study guide on Wednesday, and some people emailed the entire class and asked if there were any volunteers to split up the guide, write answers, and then put it back together for study. 

That all sounds normal, right?

On Thursday night I get an email in my inbox, and it's from the person who apparantly collated the disparate pieces of the group work into one file.  Then she mailed it out.  Again, to every single person in all 3 classes. 

Whoops!  I laughed, because I hadn't helped put it together, and when I looked at the answers, I wasn't really satisfied with what they'd said anyway.  (yes, I am that much of a snob sometimes).  So I wasn't planning on *using* it extensively, just maybe checking it to fill in something that I might've missed.  Ya know?

Friday afternoon the prof sends out an email saying things like 'innappropriate' and 'distasteful' and basically says that he's going to grade the damn test HARDER because of this girl's failure to understand what it means to hit the send button!  

And on the one hand, I understand, he's annoyed.  On the other, if people actually learn the information, who cares where they get it from???  A study guide, a website, or the stupid $100 in books he made us buy - if they actually get the answers right, they're gonna know more than they did before! 

I hauled off and wrote him a stern and angry email asking that the ass not grade us any harder than he already is.  It's not like they're easy graders - they weren't for the first test - they were EVIL.  Like, the TA that graded my test wrote "you mentioned significant information about each ID that most other students did not"  and YET she also only gave me HALF the frigging points for the ID because I didn't talk enough about the "larger context" of each term.  And to me, that seems pretty harsh - if I'm displaying knowledge about a term that 90% of the other people didn't even mention, shouldn't that count for something???

So we get a little email today, all apologetic (and yet, still, at the same time, with this lovely 'yes, i still have my head up my ass' tone), stating that the Professor isn't going to instruct the graders to be any harder on us.  THANK GOD.

I was so pissed yesterday I ranted to Neil and EB.  And Tyler.  Luckily, now, I'm calmer, and as long as I know I've got a fighting chance, I should be ok...

I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that this class is NOT my in major, nor will it EVER be.  EVER. 
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