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One down, two to go!

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  Ok, yes, I know, we had to get up an hour earlier.  For the first couple of days, the time change isn't awful for me - I just freak out about waking up all together and generally end up getting my butt out of bed early.  That was the case today.  (Usually it's the week after that leaves me groaning and moaning, because it's then that I'm sleep depped.)

The sun, however, is absolutely beautiful, the skys are crazy lovely blue, and I feel like I should be going to a water park or something, because it's hot and humid and bathing suit weather.  YUM.

It does make concentrating a bit hard, but luckily the classrooms are cooled.

Now, as for the tests, the American History is behind me!!  (Yes, literally).   This is the class I complained about, earlier.  The test was exactly what I expected, and, if I crossed my fingers and toes correctly, I think I will have done a good job.  I hope. What is it about looking forward to good things that as soon as I utter them I wonder if they're going to turn out that way?  I just had a chill walk up my spine about my grade.  But only time will tell.

Speaking of time, it's what I don't have this week, becasue of the other 2 tests:  US Government on Wednesday and Sufi & Islamic Mysticisms on Thursday.  And a group project meeting Friday.  And a re-write on my Japanese composition due tomorrow.  And Japanese quizzes all next week.  And...

I could list more, but I want to keep the smile from falling off my face.  Now I get to go to a 3 hour class and complain about a wonderful book called Immortal Wishes by a woman with the terribly long name of Ellen Schattschneider. 

I know, everybody groans when anyone pulls out good ol' Freud.  And with good reason, because he's misused all over the place.  This book, sadly,  is a great example of that kind of misuse.  Because working with Freud requires a couple of things:

Dear Ms. Schattschneider,

1.  Always, always always always define your terms.  If you're using terms like repression, define what that means.  If you're using terms like hysteria, define 'em.  These words have been used by Freud to mean different things at different times, so if he changed their meaning, you'd better settle it before you run off a the mouth, hadn't you?

2.  THINK about why you're using him.  Seriously, give us some reason why you think it's reasonable to apply psychoanalytic principles to whatever kind of analysis you're attempting.  I will be the FIRST to say that he's useful more often than he's not, but you MUST have some idea of why you're using him, some justification, before you just go sticking in comments about penetration, ok?  Because that sly nudge nudge wink wink aspect of your writing simply does NOT explain why on earth you think that a Freuding analysis is GOOD to explain Japanese ritual practices!  It doesn't.  There is no llink, other than the one in your head.  And since you didn't explain yourself, I'm left assuming you just had nothing else to work with.

3.  Be VERY VERY Careful about using Freud in the real world.  Look, the guy was hopped up on coke.  He had penis obsession problems.  He overthought everything.  He lived in an upper class, white, Christian, patriarchical, chauvanistic,  Westernized world.  Don't just take everything the man says as gospel.  He's got some MAJOR problems with his theory, some of which are inconsistency, so seriously, he is not the god of everything.  Think about that, before you go ramming him into every theoretical slot you've got open.

4.  And finally, Ms. Schattschneider, do NOT tell me that your subjects (the ones steeped in the religious practices of their culture) don't know why they arrange a ceremony a certain way, and then proceed to tell me why you *think* it runs that way, without any disclaimer that you may be completely off your rocker.  Because I already think you are. 

And that, basically, is what constitutes my essay for my class.  Well, not as mean, of course.

Ok, so, off to class.

OH!  If you haven't done it already, check out summer_of_giles!!  It's my very first comm, and there are lots and lots of open spaces for Giles-y goodness if you want to contribute (or just friend, if you don't have time, so you can see the Giles-y goodness others post - that's still good too.)

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