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Linky, link, links.  Go visit if you are so inclined.

Texas starts arresting people for being drunk  So when are they going to start arresting dove hunters who are intoxicated?

Is Bush planning on nuking Iran?  Wow, he is nuts.

Picture of a monkey petting a cat.  AWWWWWWW......

50s scare film clip Beware the evil homosexual who tries to seduce you!  They're everywhere!

UCSC Students Against War protest  Look, they  made the evil recruiters leave!  YAY!

Iran joins the nuclear club?   They are getting kind of uppity.  They should at least test one first before they start saying they are in the nuclear club.....

Origins of the "Obey Giant" art movement.  They originally came from They Live with Rowdy Roddy Piper

Also, Free Books from Baen!  Free Science Fiction ebooks - get 'em here.

OH!  The coolest thing EVA (for geeky people like me):  Samuel Delany's Radio Play.  It's all 70's sci-fi with the weird flute music, but still, really amazing to hear one of his short stories dramatized.

[all from gray_ghost except for the last two - 1 from one of the yahoo groups, and one from boing boing]
Tags: news

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