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Ok, I can't resist anymore

I know I said I was going to be away... and of course, that meant that I had thousands of things to write about the days I was gone.  And today I say:  I GIVE UP!  I'm returning to LJ.  (Probably with a reduced presence in terms of comments - but don't worry, I will shower you all with them as soon as I'm done with finals.)  But I've been saving up these posts, because even if I wasn't on LJ I was thinking of writing.

And, so, I give you:

A few things that happend in the in between...

+  I filmed a group skit using stuffed animals (puppets).

+  I told a story entirely in Japanese on Monday, talking about our horrible cat problems over spring break.  Dear gods it’s done!  It was wretched in that way that only oral presentations in another language can be.  I had the thing memorized, I know what it means (heck, I wrote it, even if Calynda did help me correct it), and still, still, I stumbled and stuttered, added in “and thens” when it wasn’t necessary, ands when I didn’t need them, and checked my paper two or three times.  But, despite all that, I made it through!!  Now the only problem is that I feel like I should be done with all of my tests by virtue of passing this particular academic hurdle.  This is not to be.

+  Felix is doing better these days.  She's on a lovely pill ingestion schedule, which seems to be helping.  She's putting on a little weight and using her box.  Hooray!! 

+  I got stuck defending postmodernism to my Grad-class professor.  More on that later.  Yes, I have a diatribe.

+  I finalized my statement of purpose!  After 5 drafts, the help of some marvelously benevolent friends and family, I finished the damn thing.  I may post it later, just for the curious. 

+  I found out the ONLY professor I came to UT to work with (the ONLY one who actually uses theory and is a postmodernist, in the entire department) decided she's accepted another job back east and won't be returning to UT, EVER.  I freaked out.  Then I decided to go ahead and take the opportunity anyway.  I've come this far, and there are a thousand reasons why I shouldn't leave now.  So I applied for Grad school!

+  Because of said teacher resignation (and some other deparment drama) there's now a very good chance that I won't get into the Asian Studies Master's Program.  But a friend's advice has kind of revolutionized my outlook on UT academics, and I may consider not getting in a different kind of opportunity if I can somehow get into the Cultural Studies program through the English dept.  We will see.

In random commentary ...
Did you know that Stephen Colbert is the MAN!!?  Oh dear gods, if you didn't like him before, you really should now.  He gave the keynote address at the White House Correspondent's Dinner and pulled NO punches.  Or maybe he threw some?  Regardless, the man has balls of steel to tell the President, to his face, that his policies suck, he's not liked.  My favorite line is that "Reality has a well-known liberal bias"!  Damn skippy it does!  So, if want to find out what the heck I'm talking about read the full text of his speach here. And if you already know you love him, go tell him at Thank You Stephen

In fandom commentary...
SQUEE!  I got my FIRST ever award for an art graphic!!!  Thank you mrsdrake for running the Bodice Ripper Awards!  Thank you to the fabulous person who nominated me, and thank you to every body who voted on the reader's choice stuff!    If you've never been over to the Bodice Ripper Awards, go check out all of the awesome talent and the beautiful art and all kinds of wonderful Giles-centric stuff. 

And hey, congrats to everybody else on my flist who got Bodice Ripper awards!  bethynycmireille719twilightofmagicsueworld2003 !

What i *really* did while I was gone...
For the weekend...
[x] Religion & Ritual: Response papers
[x] Correct Sakubun & do the hiragana for practicing
[x] Finalize Statement of Purpose
[x] Sufi Reading

[x] Call Financial Aid & settle summer & fall
[x] Drop off Resume with Grad Studies dept
[x] Film Japanese project
[x] Japanese Homework
[x] Japanese flashcards: Kanji

[x] Japanese Homework
[x] Sufi Reading (Article 1)
[x] Kanji Quiz (Japanese)
[x] Announce B/G Icontest Winners
[x] Reprint Statement of Purpose & drop off to Grad Studies
[---] Visit Prof. Ghosh
[x] Visit Prof. Hyder
[x] Look up Religion & Ritual book and purchase for Monday

[x] Practice Sakubun/Storytelling for Friday
[x] Sufi Reading (Article 2)
[x] Grammar Quiz (Japanese)
[x] Japanese Homework
[x] Make edits to Dead Sea Scrolls Album
[x] Japanese extra credit: crossword

[x] Meet with Oshima Sensei on Friday at 1:15
[--] Call Financial Aid Again
[--] Japanese flashcards: Grammar & Vocab
[x] Grammar Quiz (Japanese)
[x] Japanese Homework

[x] Practice Storytelling
[x] Japanese extra credit (cross word and boggle-scramble)
[--] Edit more on the movie?

[x] Practice Japanese story telling.  Over & Over.
[x] Read Religion & Ritual book

[x] Japanese Storytelling
[x] Make disk for Japanese project
[x] Paper for Religion & Ritual
[x] Pay bills
[x] Japanese Homework
[x] Talk to Dad

[x] Japanese Quiz
[x] Japanese flashcards: Kanji
[x] Call financial aid
[x] Get Evals for Japanese Class
[x] Drop off Evals for Sufi
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