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We are all meat...

Check out this totally fabulous almost-twilight-zoneish short film at utube.  Don't worry, no scary ucky stuff, it's just a conversation, but it's really cool.

And in a turn for the worst? better?  Last night I managed to finish defining all of the ID's for my American History exam - thank god.  It's the last kind of work I want to do on a Friday night, but at least that half of the process is over.  Now all I have to do is write the essay outlines, and memorize what I wrote last night, and I'll be ready for the final.

And can I just say, although I know bunches of people believe otherwise, I HATE American History.  I HATE it!!  I truly don't even have a morbid interest in what happened in the Civil War.  I know all the arguments that one needs to know one's history, and unfortunately, I also know that gray_ghost pulls historical shit out on me all the time, and now I have a better chance of understanding what he tells me because of this damn class, but still.  I would've been a happy camper never taking an American History class again. EVER.  I would've listened to my NPR and lived in relative confusion about our country's past (left behind by a public school education that wasn't terribly specific about these kinds of things) and just gone on with my life.

Now, sadly, I can form an opinion on the Jackson Presidency.  UGH.

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