my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Does anyone else have a cat that loves cheddar&sour cream ruffles?

Yes, my days have been like that lately ... completely random.  Woke up from dreams that we were moving back to LA because Neil didn't like Austin anymore.  Very weird.

OH, but first ...

Next, onto a pimp (no, it's not for summer_of_giles, ha!), it's for this really lovely new awards site called The Sunnydale Fanart Awards
From their site:  This is an award site dedicated to all the artists out there who are making fanart inspired by the TV-shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series. Have you seen a great piece of fanart? Go ahead and nominate it! Do you have a great idea you'd like seen as a fanart? Submit a challenge for the artists! Round one is now open! Nominate!

Speaking of summer_of_giles I'm so excited!  We only have 4 or so open days, and some wonderful people have been willing to take more than one, and I simply cannot wait until June! 

Enough with that though.  Instead, Sufism dominated my day yesterday, with a 4 hour study session and then reading once I was home.  I have 2 days until my Japanese final, 3 until my American History, 4 until my Sufi and 6 until my Government finals.  I get closer, and more afraid, with every passing day.  Today's schedule includes massive Japanese review, and then some lovely essay writing for American History on my part.  Doesn't that sound scintilating??  Yeah, not for me either.

Well, happy Monday lovely people.  Regardless.

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