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6 Weird Things Meme

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6 different (maybe weird, maybe not) things you may not have known about me...

1.  From 3rd grade till 6th (or thereabouts) my mom and I lived with her boyfriend, the drug dealer.  He owned a meth lab.  I was protected from the truly hard drugs, but did see some very interesting things, and knew it was strange that he put a down payment on our house down in cash.

2.  In the musical instrument genre, I played flute until 8th grade.  Really, really, liked it, but didn't want to go into high school band.  There were too many annoying politics.

3.  My favorite part of going to Europe was not the churches, the art, the castles, etc.  It was sitting hand in hand with Neil watching crowds in every city we went to.

4.  I love cottage cheese, with a little tiny bit of peanut butter, and a smidge of honey.  It can't be mixed together... each bite has to be prepared separately, element by element.

5.  I know how to, and love to, belly dance.  It's been several years since I've done it regularly, but for a while I was an every weekend girl.  It forever changed the way I dance normally too (hopefully for the better - at least I think so)

6.  I've had a threesome with me and 2 guys, and a threesome with me, another girl and a guy.  And some other variations.  They were all experiences that I enjoyed immensely

OH, forgot about the tagging ... if you're out there, I tag:
psychoadept, dara_starscream, mishloran, catvampcrazines

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