my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


I want to jump up and down ... actually, i think i will. Be right back ...

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Ok, back.

I got an A- on my paper! A paper I struggled with. A paper that tried to cut and run away from me. I knew what connection it was that I wanted to make, but even after I turned the thing in I wasn't sure if my leaps were logical, wasn't sure if my arguments were supported, and wasn't sure if the entire thing held up. But it did! Heee!

There are some things that just make me happy. I realized, after putting off all homework this week, and then hopping into critical articles at 4 pm on a Saturday, that I loved reading 'em. Yep. I'm saying it now and I'm saying it loud: I AM A LIT THEORY GEEK. In fifteen minutes I run off to do a group project, and I coudn't be happier that I had to double check the meaning of a sexual fetish to do so. I'm freakishly relaxed that I spent my Saturday night reading theory, instead of going out to listen to live music. Yep, I'm entering the world of freakish geekdom. Feet, don't fail me now!
Tags: school
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