my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

So, you added me as a friend once, huh...

Well, now that elizabuffy's doing the friend meme, I thought I'd do something similar that I've been wanting to do for a LONG time.

It's a little kinda getting to know you, how's it going, what's going on kind of thing (stolen from entrenous88, because it's a damn fine idea). I'm asking EVERY ONE on my flist to do it, and then hopefully new friends who add me in the future will do it too. Bascially, you're all invited to play!! 

You wise and intreped reader!  You accepted the challenge!  thank you!  Please, answer any or all or some of the following questions in the comments... I don't care if it's short answers or long missives (really!  I want to know about you).

What is your CURRENT favorite:

+ animal

+ drink

+ TV show

+ dessert

+ music to dance to

Spending Time

+ Name a book you've read over and over. Tell me why it's so ripe for re-reading (if you want).

+ Same goes for movie...

+ If i visited where you live (or your favorite place) what's an off-the-beaten-path site to visit or thing to do that you'd recommend?

+ What's your favorite fandom (or if you're into btvs, pairing), if any?  If you were going to pimp it, what would you reccommend? (links are appreciated)

+ Tell me about your favorite restaurant, or the best meal you ever had.

Random & Fandom Fill in the Blanks

+ For a story/show/film to grab my attention, it has to have a character who is ______________.

+ I never thought I liked ______________ genre/category of fic, until I read ______________.

+ I'll read almost any pairing/fandom/type of writing, so long as it has ______________.

+ My favorite type of graphic or vid always features ______________.

+ Once you get to know me, you'll never remember how you lived without my ______________.

+ I found your lj through ______________ (be they friend or other site).

+ I've been on lj since ______________ and got an a lj because _______________.

(and in case you're curious how I'd answer my own questions, I'd taken this thing and responded as the SECOND comment... the one with the icon of *me*)
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