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Ak! How I spent my summer vacation (entry I)

It's funny how I realize that I spend days reading, living in this weird live journal land with so much to read, so much to look at, and then realize that I've forgotten to add my self into the mix.

10 years after I watched Neil walk across a field to get his diploma, we watched Joel walk down the aisle to get his.  This time it was a ceremony on such a large scale that it almost felt like we were lost - lost in the parking, lost in the arena, lost in the crowd.  Didn't help that our frantic screaming at Joel's name didn't actually get heard by Joel, but that's the way of things when you're watching your friend get handed a certificate of completion (because they just don't hand out diplomas anymore) in an arena that's usually home to basketball games and rock concerts.  

My souvenirs were sunburn (from the ride over), the graduation handbook (that lists the thousands of names in the Liberal Arts program), and the second half of my french dip sandwich (obviously from lunch, after).  

Saturday we overslept, waking to moaning and groaning and the realization that we weren't going to be able to see Yvette graduate at all, since we were just waking up and the ceremony started in minutes, and us a half an hour away from the nearest parking.  Instead we did the post graduation dance party at the strangest dance club I've been to yet in Austin.  Oh, it had some things going for it: $1 mixed drinks, big dance floor, semi-decent techno music.  It also had velvet walls, the worst-smelling bathrooms I've ever been in, and a lounge that was actually hotter than the dance floor.  But we goofed around, danced a couple of songs, got toasted, and managed to trek back to the cars and have a smashing night of it.

Sunday, FREAKISHLY HOT Sunday, found us mattress shopping and application gathering.  The springs in our old mattress were the only things left, the padding eroded years ago, and even the firmest of the firm of the new beds we tried felt downy and plush compared to the train wreck we were sleeping on.  Thankfully we made our compromise (Neil likes firmer, I like softer, we've got something in between) and they delivered it today!  I've been blaming all of my shoulder aches, hip bruises, and breast pain on the old mattress, so now we'll see if we've found the miracle cure.  The loveliest part, besides getting this gleaming white and frothy new cushion delivered today, was that we found chocolate 300 thread count sheets that are lush and beautiful, and make the room a kind of soft haven for sleeping.  

Now I only hope that they take me away to dream land much faster than usual, since I have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow morning for part-time work, so I can make some mad cash this summer to spend on frivolous things like pretty dresses and tattoos.  Ah, job hunting, how I didn’t miss you!

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