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Merry-Go-Round Day II

I did manage to wake up on time.  Despite the fact that, new bed or not, my body adjusted to the "4am/5am to bed + 12 noon to rise" and wasn't going to adjust back so easily.

Two temporary agencies later, and I realize I should probably not schedule two agencies in the same day like that ever again.  Not really because it's tiring (although it is), but because deficiencies in the one are glaringly pointed out by the practices of the other. 

Take, for example, my afternoon interview.  It was (including the oh-so-magnificent Power Point "Introduction to the Company" that had slides for both the US and Canada - so we skipped every 4th slide) about an hour long.  And that included my typing test, waiting 15 minutes for the guy to get off the phone, my 15 minute or so interview with the OTHER guy, since guy one was too busy and had double booked me and another woman at the same time.  OH, and did they mention any opportunities they might have for me right now?  Nope.  Not a one.

Now, compare it to the discussion I had at 9am this morning.  Maybe it's something about people taking time in the morning, but I spent a full hour with one single recruiter discussing my work experience, my past abilities, my future interests -- everything from A to Z.  There were no tests (since they have you do them online).  There was much scribbling on my resume.  There was a closed office door, so the guy wasn't distracted by answering telephones or random passers by.  Instead there was focused attention, the discussion of two (filled) job positions that would have been right for me, implying, of course, that there will be others in the future that match the same criteria that I will be perfect for!  There was lots and lots of eye contact and laughter and discussion of the blunter facts of temporary placement.

Blunter facts?  Just two.  Things like it's not worth it for a temp agency to place you anywhere for less than $10 an hour - they just don't make money on anything less than that.  (And just as an aside - if you didn't know it, the mark up they put on you usually means they're charging the client company $16/hr for your services)  On the fact that they'd like to get people trained in certain areas, so they can place them in more highly compensated positions, and then stick other, newer, cheaper people in those empty spaces ... like a virus that expands its way through a company.

That being said, it wasn't so bad.  And now I've hit CraigsList with all my might and met my 10 application quota for the day.

And I'm off to the Buffy-Sing-A-Long again tonight as a reward. 
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