my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

I'm off that sodding horse! (Merry-Go-Round Day III)

Well, that was bracing.  After two days of job searching where I did my usual 10 resumes out a day, signed up with two temp agencies, and had a phone interview this morning that turned into a live-interview this afternoon, I was offered a job on the spot, and I have employment!  Yippee skippy! 

Now, in case people who are looking for a full time job feel the need to throw rotten tomatoes or other noxious things at me for the speed at which this turned around, consider that I was looking for part time work, that I was willing to be paid the minimum most ppl around here will take for an office job (which is less than half per hour what I got paid at my last job), and that after almost 10 years of increasingly complex office experience all I wanted to do was basic entry level stuff - so I look WAY over qualified for everything I've applied to. 

Still, I'm going to have employment, it will bring in extra cash, and I won't have to give it up during the school year, I think, so that's all to the good! 

And now I've spent the latter half of the afternoon on the phone with the mommie and a friend talking about contract work (I am now an exciting 1099 contractor... that's the only non-woot in this situation, cuz it means i have to take out my own taxes), and playing with graphics for summer_of_giles (yes, I will be flooding the comm with toys on my days.  Hopefully people will actually like them!)

It's been a damn fine hump day.  I hope it treated you all equally well!

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