my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

ha! my mom wrote her very first post!

Ok guys, I know for many of you this might seem weird, but for me it's a fabulous thing.  My mom has been talking about writing for ... oh... as long as I remember.  Just in this last year that talk has solidifed into an idea/a world view, that is charming and wonderful.  She's going to write dragon stories.

And she's doing it on LJ.  She wrote her first (unbetaed.... lol) post today!  I don't know how often she's going to update, nor do I know what's going to happen in these stories except that I'm sure they will be filled with good ideas, but if you're curious, check out opages and see what you think.

OH, and she still hasn't totally gotten the hang of this LJ thing, so if she doesn't respond to comments, don't worry, I'm still kinda explaining that part...and friending.... and filters... and lj cuts.... heee.

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