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my monkied brain

random scribblings of my geeky, girly, self

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10 October 1975
about me
learned about gardening from the flower fairy books. figured out that time was meaningless from sci fi. sense of honor comes from detective fiction. far less funny than i'd like to be. far happier than i thought i'd ever be. far goofier than most. unrepentant. curious. giggly. m.a. in japanese language and lit. b.a. in modern lit and second b.a. in japanese lit. so far i've learned just how much I don't know.

writing this instead of studying for japanese. went back to college instead of keeping my real job. live in la la land. liberal. feminist. do things because i want to, because i like to, and because i need to. struggle with the 'supposed to's.

friending 'policy' is entirely random and unplanned. if i have friended you, i find you interesting. if you have friended me, i may or may not friend back depending on things like how i feel i'm doing with my workload in school or if i have enough time to be reading or other unrelated and random factors like if the sky is green today or not. BUT would love it if you'd comment to say hi and announce yourself. otherwise i'll assume you're here for the graphics (which are never ever locked)

you must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ray bradbury

btvs. ats. american idol. merlin. tru blood. star trek reboot. we'll see about more.

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abe kobo, alan moore, alfred bester, ambient, anime, anita blake, anthony stewart head, bdsm, belly dancing, bladerunner, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, calvino, cooking, corsets, critical theory, cyberpunk, david lynch, detective fiction, discourse, erotica, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, fight club, film noir, foucault, frank herbert, frank miller, freud, gardening, george r.r. martin, giles, giles/faith, giles/spike, giles/tara, giles/wesley, giles/xander, gomez, goth, graphic arts, graphics, harlan ellison, haruki murakami, invader zim, j.g. ballard, james tiptree jr., japan, japanese, japanese literature, jhonen vasquez, joanna russ, julia kristeva, k.w. jeter, kids in the hall, kinky, kono taeko, kronos quartet, la confidential, la story, lacan, liberals, lit theory, literary theory, literature, lolita, love is a gun, matrix, memento, michel foucault, miles davis, monkeys, murakami, nabokov, narrative theory, nine inch nails, ninjas, noir, npr, oscar wilde, pat cadigan, philip k dick, philip k. dick, photoshop, piercing, pin-ups, porn, portishead, post-modern philosophy, postmodernism, psychoanalytic theory, pulp, queer theory, reading, robots, romeo is bleeding, run lola run, rupert giles, rushdie, sailing, samuel beckett, samuel delany, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi/fantasy, secretary, self-congratulatory philosophical bullshit, semiotics, sex, sin, siouxsie, slash fic, sluttery, smut, soul coughing, speculative fiction, spike/xander, tanizaki, tattoos, terry pratchett, tetsuo, tetsuo: the iron man, the diamond age, the killer, the princess bride, the professional, tolkien, tool, torchwood, twin peaks, umberto eco, ursula k. le guin, used bookstores, vampires, watcher, whiskey, wine

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